May 23-26, 2022 | Huntington Place (Formerly known as TCF Center), Hall C | Detroit, MI

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Timothy Fitzgerald

Timothy Fitzgerald

Fleet Director | District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

Timothy is currently the Fleet Director for DC Water ~ Department of Fleet Management. He has acquired a vast amount of experience and has been in management for over 30 years. He has gained various levels of experience in management of Fleet Management Operations, Fleet Workforce Management, Vehicle Technologies, Water Operations, Vehicle Technical Specifications, Enterprise Network Operations, Telecommunications, Senior Management Consulting, Contract Management and Computer Operations. He has worked in various settings such as: DC Water, District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), Harris County, Texas, City of Philadelphia and Atlanta, Georgia. He has managed Wireless Implementations, IV & V efforts, Fleet Forecasting, Contract Oversight (COTR) Planning and Infrastructure Architecture Baselines. He has carried a Top-secret clearance while being exposed to worldwide situations in Telecommunications at: US State Department and US Customs Service managing emerging technologies such as open architecture, while developing baseline infrastructures and technical approaches for all Posts and Consulates, Conus and OConus.  He has lead team building efforts in Fleet and Technology Management developing strategic plans for client business rules and managing consultant engagements in Fleet Infrastructure, Technology, Operations, Telematics, Data Capture Management, KPI’s and Real-time reporting. He is a current (Member) of NAFA and Vice-Chair – Local Chapter of National Association of Fleet Administrators, (Member) - of 100best Fleets, (Executive Board Member) - Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition (GWRCCC), Biodiesel (Ambassador) – National Bio-Diesel Board, United Soy Board - (Member), Chevin Fleet Solution- Customer Advisory Board (Member), Government Fleet Expo (GFX) – (Member) and Fleet Answers. I have an array of knowledge of congressional forums, special interest groups and direction of futuristic technologies. He has been endorsed by many of his colleagues from various organizations.

In 2014, Timothy received the Most Visionary Professional (MVP) award from the Clean Cities Coalition, in 2018 the Intelligent Utility Vehicle award from STEM - NASA. He is frequently asked to speak at Fleet Technology and Environmental events and conferences. He has written several white papers regarding Fleet Management and Fleet Technology.  He led the efforts to use Telematics in Washington DC and across the nation.  DC is now testing Solar Telematics and embedded open architecture with Ford and General Motors. They have a diverse apprenticeship program in partnership with DC Water Works and the District of Columbia, training young men and women in the dynamics of Fleet Management with many success stories. It is their hope to leave a strong legacy in growth strategies and a commitment to excellence in the environment and the future.

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority is mandated to follow Federal and Local leadership in the alternative fuel and electrification of our Fleet. To date, the implementation far exceeds the mandates as thet are well poised to receive federal credits and grants as in the past.

Some years ago, at DC Water the thought leaders of DC Water challenged its user departments to explore, devise and implement plans to utilize where smart to do so, more environmentally friendly products and innovative Technologies. This was a formidable challenge based on the amount of products now in the market. The Department Fleet Management accepted the challenge and embarked upon the usage of several bio-based products with great success.  Some of the products were; BLOOM a bio-degradable nutrient rich soil product produced from our plant, Soy Scrub, EP Lube Grease, Adhesive remover, Hydraulic Fluid, and Envirologic 802 Grease.  They have continued progress testing and are now in the throes of full usage of Bio-based oil through Biosynthetic Technologies using B20 and B100T in several of our units. To date they have not experienced any degradation throughout the process and the oil samples have shown increased longevity and stability over time while the equipment appears to be cleaner which is a definite plus for DC Water.  The oil is bio-degradable and less harmless to the environment.  As they have kept a close tab on the demonstration and the testing results on these products the level of diversity in products use has performed well in our environment. 

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