May 23-26, 2022 | Huntington Place (Formerly known as TCF Center), Hall B | Detroit, MI

How To Access Virtual Sessions

If you have already registered for the event, and you are wondering how to access the Livestreamed or On Demand sessions, you have come to the right place!

For those who did not attend GFX21 in Orlando, FL, please make sure you have registered for a virtual pass here.

If you did attend GFX in person, you received an automated email at 8:30AM PST on Dec. 6th from sender "[email protected]" with instructions on how to access the virtual session through your unique link. 

Next, make sure that you have fully completed your registration by creating a Bobit Connect account and filling out the registration form. You only need to create one Bobit Connect account that can be used to access any of our virtual events. For instance, if you watched Fleet Safety Experience 2020 or Data Driven Fleet Experience 2021, just use your existing login.

If you haven't completed a registration form, once you log in with your Bobit Connect account, a registration form will appear. Make sure to fill it out completely and click Submit.

Then, click "Login" at the top of any page on as shown in the screenshot below, and Login with your Bobit Connect credentials.

You will know you have logged in successfully if the “Login” link is gone and there is a navigation tab that says “Account” as shown below.

Once logged in, visit the Program tab and click the 2021 On Demand Sessions page or this link:, choose the session you would like and click "Watch". You will then be directed to a page with a viewing theater where the session will play. For livestreamed sessions, the playback will begin at the start time indicated for the session. On Demand sessions can be viewed at any time.

Please note that live sessions will be made available for On Demand viewing 24-48 hours after the live date.

Having audio issues while watching a live session? Click here for a helpful video.