May 23-26, 2022 | Huntington Place (Formerly known as TCF Center), Hall C | Detroit, MI

Attendee Testimonials


“GFX is the single best investment of conference money in my budget. The networking value among high-caliber fleet experts is second to none! Every year just gets better.”
- Dan Berlenbach, CPFP, City of Long Beach,Fleet Manager, Long Beach, CA

“GFX was a perfect opportunity for fleet professionals to get together and share knowledge.”
- Eric Chitoubol, City of Portland, Maintenance Supervisor, Portland, OR

“Having attended every GFX as well as other fleet conferences, I've found that GFX provides the best value. The lessons learned from educational sessions as well as networking has helped our fleet become more efficient and the best value possible to our customers.”
- David Renschler, CPFP, City of Fairfield, Fleet Division Manager, Fairfield, CA

“GFX is the foremost event in our industry for Government Fleet professionals, which affords the opportunity to exchange ideas and programs for operations, technology and sustainability efforts. I am proud to be a member of the government fleet community to have the ability to exchange ideas freely with other professionals, and the opportunity to mentor those entering our profession.”
- Mark Stevens, City of Sacramento, Fleet Manager, Sacramento, CA

“Great networking experience and opportunity to share and learn about Fleet Management. New technologies and equipment to upgrade your current systems for increased returns on your Fleet Investment. A place to be where great minds meet and find solutions to increase productivity and growth of their Fleet.”
- Sharukh Cooper, DFW International Airport, Guest Contract Services Quality Agent/Bussing, Dallas/Fort Worth,TX

“The GFX conference is one of the most informative & social networking conferences you can attend as a government fleet employee. The collective information and real answers from vendors, fellow employees during round table discussion & social times truly provides each individual employee with answers to the future of their fleet. If an attendee can take one change back with them that affects the fleet in a positive manner, the conference is worth it.”
Michael Rhatigan, City of Novi, Fleet Asset Manager, Novi, MI

“I had a good time learning to how other fleet do all the shop work from scheduling out the work instead of the officers just coming in and wanting work to be done. We are a small fleet so I think we have a lot of work to do around our shop.”
- Chris Mills, Madison County Sheriff Office, Ast. Fleet Manager, Huntsville, AL

“The 2019 GFX show was my first time attending. I found great value in the breakout sessions, round tables, and networking opportunities. The speakers presented topics that were applicable to my operation. Being able to discuss topics pertaining to fleet management with other fleet professionals gave me insight into how other operations have solved the same problems I am facing in my own operation.”
- Luis Andrade, City of Tempe, Sr. Fleet Equipment Mechanic, Tempe, AZ

“GFX conference 2019, It was my first time attending to a GFX conference, I'm a lead Mechanic and I learn a lot about managing, how all the systems works on all the municipalities, also I was a good opportunity of Networking with a lot of folks that they been in the field for a long time, GFX has a lot of information to give away, this conference was well setup, staff was very helpful and if you have questions or concerns they take care of you, also speakers are awesome, they talk about all the experiences they’ve been through and they share all that to the public, all I can say is GFX is awesome.”                              
- John Sweat, Virginia Department of Health, Fleet Administrator, Richmond, VA

“I very much enjoyed this year's GFX. The educational content was appropriate, the mentors/speakers are well-versed in the industry, and the keynote speaker was motivating. Excellent work and I look forward to attending next year and seeing what new products will be available from the vendors.”
- Vanya Cook-Leotaud, County of San Diego, Administrative Analyst, San Diego, CA​

“Very timely discussions of the most pressing topics facing fleets today - GPS & Driver Behavior; Electric Vehicles &  Supporting Infrastructure and more. The speakers were well appointed to address the many questions from their audience.”
- Ronald Gephart, UC Davis, Fleet Operations Analyst, Davis, CA​

“I always come back from GFX learning at least one thing I want to implement, change, or research further for our operation.”
- George Hrichak, City of Chesapeake, Fleet Manager, Chesapeake, VA​

“As a first-time attendee, I thoroughly enjoyed the content and the networking. With the content that was discussed, I was able to find things to further look into and research with my fleet. For networking, I was able to see multiple different perspectives on solving problems that are seen in my fleet. GFX 2019 well worth the time and travel.”
- Lauren Finwall, County of San Bernardino - Fleet Management, Regulatory Environmental Specialist, San Bernardino, CA​

“I found the educational opportunities and networking opportunities to be very useful and have already started to benefit from them.”
- Dennis Brooks, County of Santa Clara, Fleet Manager, San Jose, CA

“Excellent opportunity to network and attend great training sessions.”
- Todd Piper, City of Fort Smith Utilities, Fleet Supervisor, Fort Smith, AK​

“GFX is best fleet conference to meet professionals, and gain knowledge. The speakers are great. It also provides a positive atmosphere. Thank you!”
- Randy Rendon, CEM, City of Fort Worth, Fleet Supervisor, Fort Worth, TX​

“First, I'd like to thank those from the GFX leadership program. I had a wonderful time in New Orleans, gained new perspective on the knowledge and experience provided by the program. I will continue to look forward to our annual conference and my peers from other governments.”
- Young-Hee Lewis, Denver Public Works Dept.,Fleet Management Division, Resource Center Manager, Denver, CO​

“Upload speaker PowerPoint presentations immediately following the session. The most beneficial aspect of this conference is the diverse collection of knowledge in the presentations of speakers.”
- Abrar Abukhdeir, City of Baltimore, Deputy Division Chief, Baltimore, MD​

“Awesome, I can't wait until next year's show.”
- Randy Koch, City of Madison Fleet Service, Fleet Operations Manager, Madison, WI



“I can shamefully admit that after nearly 40 years as Fleet Manager this was my first GFX, but happy to report not my last! I loved the "Campfire" sessions that allowed interaction between fleet professionals and how they were able to address specific situations and challenges."
- Mark Stevens, City of Sacramento, Fleet Manager, Sacramento, CA

“GFX was very informative for a fleet professional. It was well organized and probably the best EXPO I had seen in a while."
- Keith Dimont, Elon University,  Automotive Services/Transportation Manager, Elon, NC

“This conference is by far the most informative for government fleet professionals. It is hard to get approval sometimes but with all the information provided and networking opportunities this is not a problem. I have brought back new ideas to implement in our shop every time I have attended.”
- Paul Colell, Town of Castle Rock, Fleet Service Manager, Castle Rock, CO

“It was great attending GFX for the first time! I was able to network with my peers, meet new vendors and learn more about topics affecting my operations.”
-  Tom Keyser, Washington County Oregon, Fleet Manager, Hillsboro, OR

“GFX is the only place on the planet where you'll find the best government fleet minds all assembled at one location.”
-  Craig Croner, City of Boise, Administrative Services Manager, Boise, ID

“The GFX conference was an informative, fun experience. The training session and one-on-one experiences were extremely valuable. There were many networking opportunities as well as excellent product demonstrations. I look forward to the next event I am allowed to attend.”
-  Ricky Riojas, City of San Diego, Fleet Repair Supervisor, San Diego, CA

“For years GFX has been the best value for government fleet managers looking to expand their knowledge and network with a large group of their peers at one location/event. If you can only attend one conference per year, GFX should be your first choice.”
-  Ron Lindsey,  County of San Bernardino, Director of Fleet Management, San Bernardino, CA

“The GFX Conference is the showcase and the pinnacle of the Government Fleet Industry and is a must attended for any Fleet professional. It is a highly educational and critical must-attend event!”
-  Carlos Velasquez, Contra Costa County Fleet Services, Fleet Manager, Martinez, CA

“Learned tools and ideas at GFX to support initiatives for the development and deployment of advanced technologies needed to meet long-term goals and visions—definitively the number one source to get the latest/most reliable info to run the fleet business in the public sector.”
-  Jose, City of Concord, Fleet Manager, City of Concord, CA

“GFX is a good conference to attend for three reasons. 1. Great opportunities to meet and get to know your peers in the fleet industry 2. Good choices in training sessions 3. Lots of good info and networking on the expo floor with vendors.”
-  Don Walker, Ada County Sheriff's Office, Fleet Manager, Boise, ID

“GFX is a great networking tool and the training sessions are relevant to what most fleets around the country are dealing with.”
 - Jade Jones, Ada County Sheriff's Office, Lead Technician, Boise, ID

“I am new to running a fleet and didn't even know what I didn't know. This conference provided an excellent education and opportunity to meet other fleet managers facing similar challenges”
-  Brent Hulsether, Shawnee county Parks and Rec, Fleet services supervisor, Topeka, KS



“GFX provides excellent opportunities to learn about the cutting edge technologies as well as learn from the leading fleets in the country. I would not miss it!”
-Doug Bond, Logistics Services Manager, Alameda County, Oakland, CA

“There is no better conference that speaks directly to the government fleet industry. The networking opportunities will serve you long term more than any other resource in our industry.”
-David Worthington, Fleet Manager, County of Sonoma Fleet Operations, Santa Rosa, CA

“GFX was another exceptional experience this year. I have been attending for 10 years and each event has a specific theme and flavor with unique learning opportunities. Bobit continues to demonstrate that they know how to inform, educate and recognize government workers in the "public" sector fleet industry.”
-Kelly Reagan, Fleet Administrator, City of Columbus Ohio, Columbus, OH

“GFX is the best available value for sharing experience and knowledge in the public fleet sector. It is specific to the public sector, affordable for the audience it targets, and relevant to current needs.”
-Brian Reynolds, Director of Fleet Operations, Texas Department of Public Safety, Austin, TX

“GFX is the best value when it comes to learning from the best fleet managers in the industry. I've been to 10 GFX's and have seen it continually get better. Each year I wonder how Thi and Eric are going to top the year before.”
-David Renschler, CPFP, Fleet Manager, City of Fairfield, Fairfield, CA

“I just wanted to pass on a big thank you for your part in the GFX in San Antonio! I had been told by a number of previous participants in the GFX that it was the best Fleet conference available. Arriving with this expectation, I must say that our expectations were greatly exceeded. The expo and conference were exceptional. A perfect balance of conference/training opportunities, an excellent vendor trade show, and premium opportunities to network with our peers and vendors. This conference will definitely be on our list of must attend events in the future.”
-Don Miller, Director of Fleet, City of Kitchener, Kitchener, Ontario

“The Government Fleet Expo provides the single best opportunity for a fleet manager to become immersed in an event agenda focused on public/municipal fleet educational opportunities. This is also the single best event for networking with experienced fleet professionals who are all engaged in the business of public fleet management.”
-Richard Battersby, Manager, Equipment Services, City of Oakland, Oakland, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed GFX - the training/educational sessions were spot-on, and the opportunity to network with colleagues to discuss issues and potential solutions is priceless.”
-Lisa Bernier, Transportation Product Line Manager, U.S. Navy, Norfolk, VA



“GFX leads the way in content, networking, and overall value!  It is my one GO-TO fleet conference each year.”
-Dan Berlenbach, CPFP, City of Long Beach, Fleet Services Manager, Long Beach, CA       

“This is the top event for any fleet professional looking to be progressive and bring sustainable efficiencies to move their organizations forward.” 
-Carlos Velasquez, Contra Costa County, Fleet Manager, Martinez, CA

“My take-away is this: If you are a fleet manager and are wishing for a resource for advice or help from people who have been in the fleet industry for their entire career, this is the conference to attend. You will have many opportunities to meet and speak with men and women who understand your challenges. This conference is "the conference" when it comes to networking with your peers. Fleet managers from large, medium and small fleets across the whole nation gather at GFX. These managers are always ready and willing to share their stories and what they've done to be successful in this difficult and challenging industry. My advice: Come to GFX next year. You won't be disappointed.”
-Don Walker, Ada County Sheriff, Fleet Manager, Boise, ID

“Great opportunity to network with other fleet professionals.  I especially enjoyed the discussion I participated in about the use and challenges of alternative fuels.”
-Barry P. Carr, Landi Renzo USA, Director of Business Development, Baldwinsville, NY

“I have not found any other conference that offers everything in one place at one time that a Government Fleet Professional needs to succeed.  If you only attend one conference each year, this is the one to attend!”
-David Worthington, County of Sonoma Fleet Operations, Fleet Manager, Santa Rosa, CA

“GFX consistently provides access to the best fleets and vendors in the industry. The ability to learn and takeaway ideas is second to none.”
-Doug Bond, Alameda County, Transportation Services Manager, Oakland, CA

“I would not miss this conference-it is the apex of learning and growing in our industry.”
-Kelly Reagan, City of Columbus, Fleet Administrator, Columbus, OH

“As a "First Timer", this conference offered more opportunities to discuss best known methods with other public entities that are facing or over coming similar difficulties that we have. It's nice to know we're not alone in most of our most difficult situations and there are people out there who can relate and offer successful guidance.”
-Lori Noyes, State of Arizona, Statewide Procurement Manager, Phoenix, AZ

“Having attended GFX since it began, not only has the conference improved with outstanding content it has also helped me become a better fleet manager.  I always come home with a couple of new ideas that help improve our operation.”
-David Renschler, CPFP, City of Fairfield, Fleet Manager, Fairfield, CA

“Great conference.  I was a first time attendee, and was impressed by the educational program and networking opportunities. I am already looking forward to next year!”
-John Reel, City of Tulsa, Technical Services, Tulsa, OK

“Government Fleet Expo is awesome!  It is a great way to discuss emerging trends and issues and share experiences with other Fleet professionals.  I come back home inspired to be better at managing our fleet for our customers.”
-Mary Joyce Ivers, City of Ventura, Fleet and Facilities Manager, Ventura, CA

“Attending GFX shortens the learning curve for me with regard to emerging technologies and provides valuable information and insight that I can take back with me to my operation.”
-Kelly Reagan, City of Columbus, Fleet Administrator, Columbus, OH

“This was my first time attending Government Fleet  Expo & Conference because I normally attend GSA's Fed Fleet Conference; but this was a great substitution. GFX was well organized with great guest speakers that provided a wealth of information. I was able to network with some of the best fleet coordinators and mangers in the industry. I can't wait for next year!”
-Marketia Davis, Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia, Fleet Coordinator, Washington, DC

“Government Fleet Expo is the "must attend" gathering for the municipal fleet professional. GFX never fails to deliver unparalleled networking, pertinent informational sessions and first rate expo hall vendor experiences.” 
-Craig Crowder, City of Beverly Hills, Fleet Manager, Beverly Hills, CA



“I really enjoy networking with other government fleet professionals, sharing my own personal viewpoints & experiences and hearing those of others, and realizing we're all in this together whether large fleet or small.”
- John Bazelewich, Fleet Manager, County of Sussex, Hamburg, NJ

“The Government Fleet Expo is the 'Go-To' fleet conference of the year. It hits all the bases- from networking to vendor interaction in the exhibit hall to educational instruction.”
- Craig Crowder, Fleet Manager, City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA

“GFX allows me to connect with my peers across the nation in one place. The structure of GFX allows for valuable networking time that has a direct impact on my skills as a Fleet Manager. Keep up the good work!”
- Chris Lindquist, Fleet Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs, CO

“GFX continues to be a "must see" for any fleet manager that seeks improvement. The sessions are informative, educational and open. Learning from my peers significantly shortens my learning curve-thank you!”
- Kelly W Reagan, Fleet Administrator, City of Columbus, Columbus, OH

“My first time at the GFX gave me great insight to the big picture of the business and that we all have the same issues regardless of the size of our fleets. The management challenges are the same for a fleet of 300 units as it is for a fleet of 7000 units, and this conference can be an eye-opener for any manager with any level of experience. If you didn't learn something here, you were sleeping”
- Kent Taylor, Equipment Superintendent and Fleet Services Manager, El Dorado County Community Development Agency; Transportation Division, Placerville, CA

“I've been coming to GFX from the's the best conference out there for the government fleet manager--both in content and value for money.”
- Dan Berlenbach, Fleet Manager, City of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

“Very informative event, participants and vendors were very kind.”
- Robert Green, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, City and County of Denver, Denver, CO

“GFX provided an opportunity to share ideas and solutions to common challenges across the public sector that are invaluable in today's world. The opportunity to compare best practices with leaders in the industry allows us to provide a greater value to our agencies, and ultimately to the public. Since this forum is specific to governmental agencies, there is a level of cooperation and attitude of mentoring that exceeds anything I have seen in the private market. With a focus on issues and solutions specific to public service, this was a great value in terms of useful information and relevant products..”
- Brian Reynolds, Director of Fleet Operations, Texas Department of Public Safety, Austin, TX

“This was well worth the effort and cost to attend. GFX is ‘THE’ show for public fleet professionals. The fleet experience and knowledge that attends this show is hands down the cream of the crop when it comes to fleet professionals. I look forward to attending yearly.”
- Don Walker, Fleet Manager, Ada County Sheriff, Boise, ID

“Great show, first of all! The exhibitors contact will probably pay for my entire trip and then some! Looking forward to attending in the future.”
- Steven Shelton, Safety Director, Highland and Express Shuttle Service, Raleigh, NY

“This was my first year attending. This conference opened up a new world of knowledge and opportunities. I will definitely be returning!!”
- Raymond Manalo, Vehicle Maintenance Manager, Twin Rivers Unified School District, Sacramento, CA

“GFX 2015 was filled with the best industry information for all fleet personnel including outstanding educational content, excellent networking opportunities and state of the art vendor presentations and exhibits. Looking forward to next year's show.”
- Michael Brennan, CEM, Fleet Division Manager, Manatee County Fleet Services, Bradenton, FL



“GFX was an outstanding, professional and well-planned event.  I was so impressed by the organization and many opportunities to learn, network and have fun with fleet professionals.  I especially enjoyed the break-out sessions because I got to know the other fleet professionals.  The exhibitors were the best resources.  I especially appreciated the meals together so we can spend time meeting and sharing ideas with each other.  Thank you to Bobit and your staff.  What an amazing three days!”
- Mary Joyce Ivers, PWLF, CPFP, Fleet and Facilities Manager, City of Ventura, Ventura, CA

“The conference was full of useful information, fun events, and stimulating conversation. I can honestly say that it was, without a doubt, one of the best conferences I have ever attended.”
-Josh Rego, Project Associate, Clean Energy Coalition, Ann Arbor, MI   

“I've been attending GFX from the beginning...In my opinion, this is the single most valuable fleet conference; the best value for money there is!”
-Dan Berlenbach, Fleet Services Manager, City of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA                        

“The GFX Conference provided me with insight on current and future fleet & manufacturer trends. This gives me the opportunity to learn and question fellow fleet managers and manufacturers' representatives so I can bring back information and budget accordingly for improvements to our fleet operation.”
-Sam Lamerato, CPFP, Superintendent of Fleet, City of Troy, Troy, MI                                       

“This was my first conference and I came away with great ideas, inspiration to 'green-up' my fleet and tools to make my fleet department run more efficiently.  “
-Jodey Dugan, Fleet Crew Chief, Fleet Operations, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA         

“As a board member of MEMA, I am appreciative of the opportunity provided by Bobit Business Media for us to host our very first session prior to the conference opening, as well as, their support throughout the GFX event.”
- Craig Crowder, Fleet Manager, City of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA                                      

“This was the first time I had attended any conference.  It exceeded even my wildest hopes in providing useful information, and allowed me to network with some great, new people. The most surprising thing was how many good people work right next door, and I’ve never met them.  I will be back!!!”
- Andrew DeBolt, Lead Mechanic, San Jose Unified School District, San Jose, CA               

“I just wanted to thank you for a great GFX experience. It far exceeded my expectations and is the one stop shop for fleet innovations as well as networking with peers.  There is so much work and preparation that goes on behind the scenes that we, as attendees, have no idea what it takes to host an Expo of this size.  You made all of this look so easy, which I know it was not.  Bobit Business Media must be very proud of your team and I for one wanted to express my sincere thanks!” 
-Keith Marian, Fleet Superintendent, DWP, City of Orange, CA                                                 

“I learned a great deal at GFX from the educational sessions, networking and the added day of training.”
-Nancy Reingold, Division Manager, City of Houston, Houston, TX

“The 2014 focus on leadership and innovation was particularly valuable to me and my team, and our direction for the future.  Networking with other fleet managers from across the country always makes GFX the can't miss fleet conference each and every year.”                                                    
-Keith LeechFleet Manager, City of Sacramento, Sacramento, CA                   

“This is my 5th GFX conference, and I am impressed with the continual developments year over year. The 2014 conference provided information regarding managing generations in the workforce and our duties as first responders. The overall content of the educational sessions were top notch. Additionally, there was access to vendors with many new products and numerous networking opportunities. I would highly recommend this conference to all fleet personnel.”
-Doug Bond, Association President and Transportation Services Manager, Public Fleet Supervisors Association and Alameda County, Oakland, CA   

“Another great expo and conference. Even as a retiree I got great information and made connections that keep me in line with the future of fleet management.  Every year gets better.”                 
-Dave Head, Retired Fleet Manager, Newcastle, CA       

“GFX 2014 met all my expectations! It was filled with outstanding educational and networking opportunities specifically for public fleet professionals. I'm sure GFX 2015 will be a conference not to be missed.”                                                                                
-Michael Brennan, CEM, Fleet Manager, Manatee County Fleet Services, Bradenton, FL

“I have always felt this conference is the top priority when budgeting for training!”                         
-Craig Croner, Administrative Services Manager, City of Boise, Boise, ID 


2012 and 2013

“GFX continues to be THE best business expenditure I have with regard to return on investment for both me and my organization.  The ability to have so many public fleet professionals and fleet specific vendors in one place and to have the opportunity to share and learn from these industry leaders is something that cannot be duplicated in any other conference I have experienced.”
-Tony Jobanek, Fleet and Radio Manager, City of Eugene, Eugene, OR

“GFX is the only place where I can compare notes with the best fleet managers in the business. The lunch conversations alone are worth the price of the show. GFX is an excellent opportunity for fleet managers of all skill levels and of any size fleet.”
-Gary Lykins, Fleet Manager, Town of Jonesborough, Jonesborough, TN

“This was my first Government Fleet Expo & Conference, but it won't be my last. There is no better place for networking with your peers and gaining important knowledge at the same time. Thanks GFX!”
-Syd Sexton, Director, Harris County Fleet Services, Houston, TX

“I work for a Federal Agency which usually holds such events. The benefit I received from this one is networking with the public sector and realizing their trials and tribulations are no different than we have on the Federal side.  It was beneficial to meet and communicate with professionals in the fleet field.  I am taking away new ideas that may work in our organization.  I look forward to future Government Fleet Expo & Conferences.”
-Arlene Estevan, Property Specialist, Los Alamos National Laboratory Fleet Management, Los Alamos, NM

“Great networking opportunity, and as a new fleet manager, the information obtained is invaluable.”
-Connie Hall-Jones, Administrative Programs Officer, Oklahoma State Department of Health, Oklahoma City, OK

“GFX provides the best value in training, networking and keeping up with best practices used by the top government fleets in the country. Each year for the last six years I have come away with at least one thing that can save us thousands of dollars annually.”
-David Renschler, CPFP, Vehicle Maintenance Manager, City of Fairfield, Fairfield, CA

“GFX was great and really opened my eyes to the whole business model.”
-Carter Dillon, Fire equipment Technician, City of Bellevue, Bellevue, WA

“The networking and sharing of knowledge is well worth the cost of registration.”
-Ron Kahler, Fleet Manager, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

“The educational opportunities at GFX provide insight to the fleet industry and have helped me be a more professional fleet manager.”
-Gary Robertson, Assistant Director, State of Utah Fleet Operations, Salt Lake City, UT

“It was time and money well spent.”
-Glenda Massie, Fleet Services Support Services Manager, City of Little Rock, Little Rock, AR

“Well done, first time, very favorable impression.”
-Jim Hogan, Senior Director of Procurement, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Durant, OK

“GFX 2013 was a great conference – well scheduled with relevant content.”
-Stephen Spies, Assistant Director, Enterprise Fleet Management Office, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Austin, TX

“It was great talking with other fleet people who experienced similar issues and had different solutions. They had a similar fleet makeup and also used the same fleet management system. Their solutions were like simple and easy to use in our fleet.”
-Dean Tedtaotao, Superintendent, County of Los Angeles Public Works, Los Angeles, CA

“The Government Fleet Expo & Conference consistently delivers a focused agenda of educational sessions and cutting edge topics tightly focused on areas of critical importance to today's public fleet professional.”
-Richard Battersby, Director, Fleet Services, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA

-Dr. Jack Shoykhet, VP Sales - Public Sector, TeMeDa, LLC, Chicago, IL

“For me it was great to have other Fleet Managers and vendors to talk with about problems and successes they have. I have more respect for our profession than ever before.  It was a great experience."  
-Kevin Bauwens, Fleet Manager, City of South Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, CA

“I enjoyed talking with the vendors on the convention floor, but the most important aspect of these meetings was the networking with other fleet managers. It is a great forum to discuss the best practices that other agencies are using to improve their operations. Thank you GFX for continuing to offer this conference!”    
-Doug Bond, Transportation Services Manager, Alameda County , Oakland, CA

“GFX is a "One Stop Shop" for all governmental Fleet Managers as its program is filled with outstanding educational and networking sessions packed with information to put to immediate use.”
-Michael Brennan, Fleet Manager, CEM Manatee County Fleet Services, Bradenton, FL

“The conference emphasized managing fleet operations during tough economic times and then some.”
-Jamison Walker, Program Manager, Virginia Clean Cities, Virginia Beach, VA

“My experience was very good, I liked the idea for training for technicians and that they can attend other aspects of the conference. I did not get good feedback from the technicians about the classes, it seemed to them that they were mostly "sales pitches" instead of good quality training that would be expected for the cost of the classes."
-Randy Lawson, Operation Supervisor, City of Colorado Springs, CO

“Great information, networking time and trade show. The educational sessions were on target with challenges Fleet Managers are facing daily. I came away from the Expo with several great ideas that I plan on implementing in our Fleet operation. The GFX staff did a wonderful job again this year.”
-Samuel P. Lamerato, CPFP, Superintendent of Fleet, City of Troy, MI

“GFX continues to deliver great return on investment for me, my organization and for our fleet operation.  The ability to speak to and develop positive working relationships with the top public fleet managers in North America makes GFX a unique and extreme learning opportunity for those dedicated fleet professionals charged with the responsibility to manage their organization's fleet vehicles and equipment.” 
-Tony Jobanek, Fleet and Radio Communications Manager, City of Eugene, OR

“This was the best GFX so far.  The opportunity to network with other Fleet Managers around the country makes the program worthwhile. When you add the session that cut right to the heart of daily issues, the increased value makes attendance a requirement for success.” 
-Dave Head, Fleet Manager, County of Sonoma, Santa Rosa, CA

“I work for a small state university, we have a very small fleet and up until recently had no need for a fleet management department. I came back with numerous invaluable ideas and suggestions on how to improve and save the university money.”
-Paul Broadway, Fleet Specialist, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Round Rock, TX       

“GFX is a great investment in keeping up with industry standards, networking with others and learning new ways of doing business to stay competitive. I highly recommend that other government fleet managers attend, even if your organization doesn't cover the costs. It has given me many ideas on how to run our fleet more efficiently.”
 -David Renschler, Vehicle Maintenance Manager, City of Fairfield, Fairfield, CA

“This was the first time I attended the GFX Conference and I wasn't disappointed.  The workshops were very informative and the trade show had a great variety of vendors.  I hope to make it to the GFX conference every year."
-Mike Webster, Fleet Manager, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Wheaton, IL

“GFX was by far the most beneficial event I have ever attended. I received information about the NJPA and was able to implement the savings through my local NAPA parts source with nearly no paperwork. I have paid for the conference on my first day back to work and the savings just keep adding up. I am also chasing down a few other leads. What a great source of tailored-to- the-professional-public-fleet-manager information.”  
-Gary Lykins, Fleet Maintenance Director, Town of Jonesborough, Jonesborough, TN      

“I have attended GFX Conference for two years in a row. In short, this conference is one of the most informative, thought-provoking and valuable experiences anyone with an appetite for Fleet can treat themselves to.” 
-Patrick Spencer, Fleet Supervisor, City of Bellevue, Bellevue, WA

“I have attended this conference the last four years and have gained more knowledge than all the other conferences combined! My travel budget has been cut back in the last few years (just like everyone else’s) but the GFX conference will be the last one to be unfunded.” 
-Craig Croner, Administrative Services Manager, City of Boise, Boise, ID                   

“This was my first fleet conference.  As a city finance director, I wasn't sure whether I would get much out of it.  I was pleasantly surprised.  For anyone in my position looking to uncover hidden efficiencies and savings within their fleets, conferences such as this are an invaluable resource.” 
-William McCarty, Director, Office of Management and Budget, City of Springfield, Springfield, IL

“I felt like a minnow in a sea of whales.  We have only 253 units in our fleet.  There were attendees at this conference with fleet sizes measured in the thousands!   I learned that the size of the fleet didn't matter a bit.  I had the same challenges that the other guys had.  They just experienced them at a higher level.  The learning sessions were applicable to all sizes.  The attendees were more than willing to share their ideas and methods regarding change.  Although I initially felt like a small minnow I was never made to feel that way.  This group of people, from the organizers, to the speakers, to the vendors, to the attendees all made me feel very much one of the group.  All of us have the same goals, we just have them on a different scale.  That's how the people involved with this expo made me feel.  That helped me to be able to learn.”         
-Gary Bruggenthies, Business Manager, Scott County, Jordan, MN

“The Government Fleet Expo and Conference has been an educational and motivating event that I look forward to every year. I get valuable professional advice, and I enjoy the warm and welcoming environment this event brings to the Fleet Professional. It's a wonderful opportunity to network with many diversified, successful Fleet Managers, and it's awesome to see them recognized.”     
-Gary Lentsch, Fleet Manager, Eugene Water & Electric Board, Eugene, OR

“The GFX Conference provides an educational opportunity on three levels. Firstly, the sessions provide information and ideas from leaders in our profession. Secondly, the networking opportunities with other fleet managers provides the time to discuss the ideas presented in the sessions and gain a greater understanding of the nuts and bolts of implementing those ideas. Thirdly, the opportunity to be exposed to the vendors and see new ideas, products and technologies that are available to fleet managers. Together, this synergistic approach to the educational format of the conference is most beneficial.”
-John L. Rencher, Fleet Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale Fleet Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The Government Fleet Expo and Conference offers a window of solutions to problems and frustrations Fleet professionals face on a daily basis.”
-Carlos Berriz, Senior Automotive & Equipment Engineer, City of Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL              

“This was an outstanding opportunity to learn and network with fleet professionals with significantly varied backgrounds and experiences.  GFX fulfills a real need in the government fleet community.”
-Felix Espinoza, Fleet Operations Manager, City and County of Denver, Denver, CO

“We support Government Fleet Magazine and GFX because they attract the best fleet minds in the nation - both with respect to attendees and presenters."
-Carlos Rodriguez, Regional Alternative Fuel Specialist, PERC Propane, Hesperia, CA

“After listening to many of the presentations, it reinforced many of the things that we are doing right with our fleet and I came away with some new ideas to explore and possibly implement to become even better.” 
-Paul Hanson, Director of State Fleet Services, NDDOT, Bismarck, ND

“As always GFX provided a forum to network with some of the greatest minds in Fleet Management. GFX allows me to learn new, different and better ways to keep the wheels rolling in our fleet in the most efficient manner.” 
-David Renschler,  Vehicle Maintenance Manager, City of Fairfield, Fairfield, CA

“This conference presented many opportunities to learn from others what works in the effort to successfully manage fleets on behalf of our customers and management.” 
-Dave Schiller, Fleet, Safety & Materials Manager,  Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources, St. Paul, MN

“The Conference was informative and a great networking opportunity that enabled me to discover new opportunities for the City of Columbus for Green activities and improving processes.” 
-Kelly Reagan Fleet Administrator City of Columbus, Columbus, OH

"The conference was a success for me. I learned new methods and ideas regarding managing the fleet. Working with only individuals who were in the fleet industry was very beneficial in both time and knowledge learned. I joined a new association (MEMA) and met new contacts. The sessions were helpful with providing real solutions to some of the issues I am currently facing. Great job!'
-Chuck Forman, Orange County Sanitation District, Fountain Valley, CA

"One of the most focused and efficient Government Fleet events I have ever attended! I returned home with 3 pages of ideas and contacts."
-Richard Battersby, Contra Costa County, Martinez, CA

"I was very impressed with the focused class subjects that pertained to the questions most public fleet managers face throughout the year. In addition, the networking component of the conference was excellent and I utilized the breaks and lunch periods to meet and ask specific fleet questions of fleet managers from across the country."
-Tony Jobanek, City of Eugene, Eugene, OR

"Many of the other conferences try to cater to such a wide range of fleets. With a clear government focus, this conference, as it grows, will provide information and networking that is more public sector oriented. I'm looking forward to the next one."
-Chris Burgeson, City of Napa, Napa, CA

"The networking opportunity was fantastic. In these challenging times, learning what others are doing and their "good ideas" was priceless."
-John Clements, County of San Diego, San Diego, CA

"GFX conference sessions addressed exactly what I need to know as an internal service division of a Government Municipality. I.E. What are KPI's for like-fleets; How my fleet measures up. How to sell new technologies to upper management; How colleagues solve like-problems (Green technology infrastructure). More importantly, what isn't working and why."
-Stephen Kibler, Fleet Manager, City of Loveland, Loveland, CO

"Great show! We enjoyed meeting fleet managers from fleets of diverse size, vehicle composition, and budgets. The venue was great for getting to spend quality time with attendees."
-Ed Smith, President, Agile Access Control, Inc. – Fleet Commander, Chantilly, VA

"I thought the on-site event at San Diego County's facility was a great opportunity for us to see someone else's facility and what they do."
-Charlie Caudill II, Fleet Manager, City of Yuma, Yuma, AZ

"I enjoyed interacting with the vendors present and other attendees. I am employed at a university in Physical Plant and vehicle information is lacking in our annual conferences. This was very beneficial!"
-David Gronquist, Director, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

"The wealth of information, and cooperation with all of the speakers, vendors, and participants was great."
-Tony Colver Public Works Supervisor, City of Victorville, CA

"Great Networking with state and local fleet professionals!"
-Rod Thomas General Manager, National Operations, Skookum Contract Services, Bremerton, WA

"I was able to meet a lot of other fleet managers from my area to network with if there are issues that come up."
-Dee Karnes Equipment Services Superintendent, City of Richmond, Richmond, CA

"(…) I made some industry contacts that I now count as friends and came away with a wealth of information and met my checklist of needs that I came with. I look forward with doing a consulting project with one of the companies who I heard give a strategic presentation that is the next step for where I'd like to take my fleet. Many compliments for a great conference."
-Elise A. Fischer, Safety/Fleet/Risk Manager, Cox OCPV, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"The general sessions were outstanding. I found a number of things we want to implement right away, "problem solvers." Made some very helpful contacts. Exciting stuff."
-Gail Kitaji, Accountant III, County of Monterey-RMA, Salinas, CA

"Great networking with peers. Specific material for my fleet needs."
-George Baker, Director of Central Services, County of Volusia, Florida, Daytona Beach, FL

"This is the first conference that I have attended that had such a high caliber audience that seemed to be cohesive and supported of each other."
-Chick Aday Inventory Control Manager, Southern California Regional Rail Authority, Los Angeles, CA

"I enjoyed hearing that larger fleets were also having similar successes and problems as a fleet as small as ours. This makes me feel that we're not the only fleet going through difficult times."
-Mike Shannon, Fleet Director, City of Mt. Vernon, Mt. Vernon, IL

"Excellent time spent visiting and sharing with fleet managers and vendors as well as great opportunities to continue learning in the sessions."
-Bob Laird, Consultant, Laird Consulting, Pearland, TX

"It was great sharing with other about the future hurdles facing our business."
-Tim Love, Fleet Analyst, City of Tempe, Tempe, AZ

"I met great people that are in the same business we are involved in, they experience the same challenges that we do everyday. Networking with other Government Fleets that are real positive on what we do is very important and worth while. Great encouragement from all other fleet managers. Thanks for bringing this conference together at a great location and such great people that were well organized and very friendly! And the weather was great."
-Gary Hines, Supervisor, Shasta County Fleet management, Redding, CA

"We had a great Workshop from CCG. Overall hospitality was #1"
-Mark Jerome, Fleet Consultant, Training coordinator, CCG Systems, Inc., Flower Mound, TX

"The networking time was very beneficial to see what other fleets are doing to cut expenses during this time of record high fuel prices."
-Kathy Wellik, Manager, Iowa State University - Transportation Services, Ames, IA

"I found a software and key-box solution that I believe will solve many of our car pool obstacles."
-Howard Henneman, Commissioner of Fleet Management, City of Chicago, Chicago, IL

"Talking to the TRIB folks because that is an issue we are facing at our operation. All the positive feedback I received after my presentation on fuel."
-Tom Monarco, Fleet Manager, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

"Networking with fleet professionals, ability to meet people in same field, outstanding staff on hand to answer questions, editors whose articles are based on fleet. Fleet facility tour to see how other shops are outfitted and arranged."
-Glenn Lavender, Asst Shop Superintendent, City of Amarillo, Amarillo, TX

"Great networking opportunity! I found it a valuable resource for getting feedback and comments about the ASE Certification program from the fleet manager perspective, which will help us to improve the value of ASE to this market."
-Tony Molla, VP Communications, National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Leesburg, VA

"It gave me a good excuse to get my staff to clean the shop / with managed comp and billable hours we let that slide more than I would like. Great show thanks for all your efforts and the presenters."
-Robert D. Gould, Fleet Coordinator / Regional Manager, County of San Diego, San Diego, CA

"I'm new to government fleet management and really enjoyed meeting my new peers."
-Bob Mossing, Fleet Supervisor, Washtenaw County, Ann Arbor, MI

"The inclusion of the software companies like CCG truly added value."
-Alan Brown Fleet Manager, City of Littleton, Littleton, CO


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