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New! Enhanced Maintenance Capabilities!

Stop by the Agile Fleet Booth #701 to hear all about our enhanced maintenance capabilities, including Dashboards for both Technician & Maintenance Manager!

  E-ZOIL 1418

You have a big investment in your equipment — cars, trucks, tractors, dozers, excavators, cranes, generators, ships, rail and more. You need your equipment to work when you work — and look good, too. 

That's why we offer a complete line of diesel fuel additivesbiodiesel additives, and gas additives formulated to enhance fuel performance and provide critical protection against expensive breakdowns.

  Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 400

Eagle Enforcer All Weather

A versatile police tire offering year-round performance.  law enforcement officers need reliable traction and handling to keep control in high-intensity situatins, regardless of the weather.  

  MiaSole 1304

The SolarRide

The SolarRide™ transportation solution is comprised of solar modules and a proprietary smart charge controller that ensures you receive the maximum benefit from your solar investment.  

SolarRide auxiliary power allows you to:

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption. Use solar energy instead of gas to power auxiliary systems
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs. Running the truck engine less results in decreased intervals for scheduled maintenance.
  • Reduce Emissions. Using clean solar power instead of fuel reduces emissions to help truckers comply with environmental regulations
  • Provide Stand-by Power. Use solar energy for standby power without running the engine.
  • Provide Power to Truck De-icing Systems. De-ice the truck with solar energy instead of fuel
  • Off-load Alternator Loads. Use solar power to provide off-load electrical power
  • The SolarRide smart charge controller optimizes solar power
  • The MiaSolé smart charge controller ensures that all of the power generated by the solar modules is utilized and provides overcharge and undercharge protection.
Nor-cal Vans 928

Nor-Cal Vans Transit with Curbside Access and Shift N Step

The Nor-Cal Vans Curbside Access Transit with a side door wheelchair lift features walk-through entry at the front passenger door, allowing alternative access for operators and ambulatory passengers to enter from the curbside.
Add Abilitrax’s Shift-N-Step wheelchair lift base system, and you’ll have a package that will allow both wheelchair passenger entry and ambulatory entry through the same door.  The Curbside Access modification allows for driver/operators to easily complete their service for wheelchair- user
passengers, whether entering or exiting the van.
This Nor-Cal Vans package allows for the most flexibility for curbside loading in a vehicle of this class!

  Westmatic Corporation 307

Buffalo, NY, April 24, 2018 – Westmatic introduces the Viking – a revolutionary, modular designed and infinitely customizable automatic large vehicle wash system. The Viking is intelligent, incredibly durable and built to meet and exceed the toughest demands of fleet washing.

Our newest machine represents the best of our large vehicle wash systems while giving fleet managers the ability to add components and expand to accommodate fleet growth and configurations. This machine can wash numerous vehicle types and can be configured as a rollover/gantry or as a drive-through machine.

The Viking can be designed and built to use a variety of brush configurations, touchless modes, or a combination of both. With the Viking, Westmatic introduces a machine that utilizes all variable frequency drive/soft start motors, ensuring the safest, most gentle friction cleaning in the industry.

Standard features of the Viking include our hot-dipped galvanized framework, LCD touchscreen wash program selector, maintenance free straps (no chains), advanced PLC controls, automatic vehicle sizing and contouring system.

The Viking can be upgraded with a pre-soak arch, high-speed rotating nozzles, chassis and wheel wash, dryers and detail wand.

Westmatic’s water recycling systems can be added to any Westmatic wash system. Our water reclamation systems utilize cyclonic separation to achieve water quality of 10 microns. Water reclamation of up to 85% is achievable. In areas where water must be purified before being discharged into a sewage system, Westmatic’s RENAREN water purification system can be implemented.

  WEX 508


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