MEMA Showcase

November 15
12:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Sara Burnam, CAFM
Palm Beach County, FL

Mark Stevens
City of Sacramento, CA

Dave Renschler
City of Fairfield, CA

Mario Guzman
City of Boynton Beach

Eric Winterset
City of Long Beach, CA

Bob Stine
Hillsborough County

Kevin Devery
City of Goodyear, AZ

David L. Dunn, CFM
City of Orlando, CA

The Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association (MEMA), an association with chapters in California and Ohio, returns with educational sessions focusing on fleet operations and best business practices.

Life after COVID—Fleet Best Practices
After all the turmoil of working through the pandemic, what are the process changes and practices that fleets should stick with, for safety and efficiency?  A panel of experienced fleet managers summarizes what we’ve learned and are keeping. Panelists: Eric Winterset, Sara Burnam, and Bob Stine

Lean Times—Maintaining Excellent Services
The pandemic has impacted the finances of many public agencies.  A discussion led by managers who’ve “been there and done that” of how to keep your service levels up and money-saving Best Practices for when the budget is slashed. Panelists: Bob Stine, Kevin Devery, and Mario Guzman

Electrification Pitfalls—What to Watch Out For
So you need to electrify your fleet.  Find out from an expert panel of fleet managers who’ve learned the hard way--what to watch out for and what mistakes to avoid as you travel the zero-emissions highway. Panelists: Mark Stevens, David Dunn and David Renschler