All About EVs: From Planning to Implementation (Roundtable)

November 16
3:05 PM - 4:05 PM

Mike Usen
DKS Associates

Chris White
Frontier Energy

Many public agencies are interested in fleet electrification but how do fleet managers choose vehicles for specific applications and prepare for charging? In this roundtable session, fleet professionals interested in electrification will learn about and discuss innovations in EVs and charging technology, data management as it relates to EVs and charging stations, evaluating the cost-effectiveness and total cost of ownership, and operational shifts as a result of fleet electrification. Learn the key steps needed to plan the transition to electric vehicles.

Moderators: Mike Usen, DKS Associates and Chris White, Frontier Energy

Subject Matter Experts: Mark Wight Sr. Director Product Management & Strategy, XL Fleet

Madison Paul, Product Marketing Manager, Ford Pro Charging

Mike Terreri, Electric Vehicle Product Manager, Assetworks