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Fleet Manager Goals: A New Vision Towards Personal Growth

May 08
4:25 PM - 5:15 PM

Cedric Roberts, CAFM
City of Birmingham

Dr. Erica Wattley
Cybersecurity Consulting Operations Hush Cyber Security

Bill Pugh
Smart Connections Consulting LLC

It is important for leaders to make the personal development shift from a short-term goal orientation to a long-term growth orientation. There are significant changes needed to achieve the shift: growth outward to growth inward. Growth in everything to growth in a few vital things; and growth with a timeline versus growth without a finish line.

Speakers: Dr. Erica Wattley, Cybersecurity Consulting Operations Hush Cyber Security; Jen Pearson, HopDrive; Cedric Roberts, City of Birmingham, Bill Pugh

Location: L015