May 7 - 10, 2024 | Kentucky International Convention Center | Louisville, Kentucky

Request For Approval Kit

You Are Sold On Attending GFX

Now it is time to seek supervisor approval. Of course, you know that this event will increase your operational acumen and fleet savvy. Whether you are seeking budget approval from accounting or your supervisor, sharing the bottom line benefits of GFX is the best plan of action.

Step 1: Submit a request for budget approval letter.

In fact, we’ll help by providing a template that is easily customizable that really gets to the heart of why GFX is a must-attend event. 

Step 2: Include a proposal highlighting correlations between what your performance needs and GFX's line-up offerings.

Are you responsible for incorporating cutting-edge ideas into your fleet strategy? It’s a good thing that leading fleet professionals from across the nation will be on hand to discuss new tech and best practices. Nearly 80% of the industry relies on GFX for training, networking, and more.

Step 3: Share the content of GFX's sessions & workshops, especially those in line with your agency’s needs.

For instance, are you involved with equipment replacement programs? Hear the latest standards and set new protocols for developing an efficient equipment replacement program that works for your organization. View the GFX 2024 schedule for examples of session topics to make your case. 

Step 4: Pledge to share your new knowledge with a post-event presentation.

There’s nothing quite like the instant gratification of a demonstrated return on investment to make your supervisor thankful he/she approved your budget request.

Step 5: Pack for your trip.

A game-changing fleet experience awaits.

We look forward to meeting you at #GovFleetExpo

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