Use Telematics to Its Full Potential

May 23
4:25 PM - 5:15 PM

Karine Gidali

Jason Cain
City of Lakeland

Alison Kerstetter
City of Sacramento

A hammer in a child’s hand might miss the nail, but it rarely misses in a handyman’s hand. Telematics data is like a hammer; it’s a valuable and practical tool, but it might still be challenging for some to wield with confidence. Using telematics to its full potential can lead to high-impact improvements to your fleet that you didn’t even know were possible. Take the City of Fort Lauderdale: they used data to track idle time and ended up reducing idling by 11%, which saved them $70,000 in operating costs over six months. Or the City of Boston, who used Samsara’s open API to integrate with their contractor management software, giving them even richer data to pull from when they make decisions about their fleet. In this presentation, we’ll share how you can use telematics to its full potential.

Room C155