Top 10 Performance Measures for 21st Century Fleet Managers

May 08
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
Ballroom C, D, E

Sam Lamerato, CPFP
City of Troy, MI

Danny Brashear, CEM

Jeffrey Tews, CPFP
City of Milwaukee, WI

This session will look at developing Charge Back Rates, Conducting Preventative Maintenance For ICE, EVs and Hybrids as well as Tracking Fleet Availability and Downtime, Measuring Technician Time, Determining Cost Per Mile/Meter, Setting Repair Hours and Cost, Monitoring Scheduled Repair Rates, Tracking Annual Parts Inventory Turns, Assessing the Parts Demand Fill Rate, Achieving Customer Satisfaction, and What’s Next.

Presenters: Sam Lamerato, City of Troy, MI; Danny Brashear, AssetWorks; Kevin Schlangen, Dakota County, MN; Jeff Tews, City of Milwaukee, WI

Location: Ballroom C, D, E