The Next Five Years.  What Fleet Managers Foresee in Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Industry

May 09
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Ballroom C, D, E

Dave Renschler, CPFP
City of Fairfield, CA

David Worthington
County of Santa Clara, CA

Larry Campbell, CPFP
City of Fort Wayne, IN

Scott McIver, CPFP
City of Greenville

Experienced Fleet Managers will share their best crystal ball projections for the next five years in the industry and how they will affect your operations.Moderator: Larry Campbell
Paneleists: David Worthington, County of Santa Clara, CA; David Renschler, City of Fairfield, CA; Kevin Schlangen, Dakota County, MN; Scott McIver, City of Greenville

Location: Ballroom C, D, E